Progress Update

Is it time for a snoopy dance, yet?

I’m happy to say, since my last post 11 weeks ago, I have achieved the following:

Listened to three audiobooks…


Watched season 1 of A Discovery of Witches on TV, which was good but sadly IMHO not as good as the book 😦

And while I do think Matthew Goode is a wonderful actor, I’m sad to say he isn’t the Matthew de Clairmont I imagined. In my mind, I pictured de Clairmont as being more of a Henry Fitzroy from Blood Ties than a Charles Ryder from Brideshead. But alas, I would rather a Charles Ryder than no de Clairmont at all…

Matthew de Clairmont? Now this is more like it…

Started re-watching True Blood, which is totally getting me in the mood for a long, hot, humid summer

Rewrote scene 37 (as planned in my last post) AND finished scenes 38, 39, 40 and 41. Currently, I’m 400 words into scene 42!!!

So I have to say, I’m pretty stoked with my progress. I finally broke through the barrier I was stuck at for 5 months, and only have 4 1/2 new scenes left to write. Once they’re done, I‘ll be on the downward stretch – just rewriting/editing the third act of my novel (which is about 30,000 words). And I love rewriting/editing 😀

At this rate, it looks like this draft will end up being approx. 110,000 words, and will hopefully be finished in 2019 😀 How wonderful that will be.

Then I’ll have to go back through the whole thing combing for anachronistic dialogue and prose… But I won’t mind that part because finally AGAIN I will have a complete novel.

Time for a snoopy dance…


Excerpt from WIP – A Frightening Vision

I stand as still as stone, ears pricked toward the trees. Mist curls around their trunks, swirls in the darkness in between. Water laps at my hooves.

I snort and twitch my nose.

I’m certain I heard something. A stick breaking, leaves crunching underfoot. All I hear now is the burble of the stream and the panicked beating of my heart. In the distance, a plover keens.

I blink.

Long blades of light slice through the canopy, impaling the shadows. Golden motes float in the air, hover before my eyes.

I stare past into the gloom, searching for something, anything, out of place. A shadow. Movement. Eyes looking back at me.

My nostrils flare, my breath whuffs in my nose. The stink of clover and decaying leaves rushes my senses.

I flick my tail.

Noise bursts from the trees, shattering the quiet. A woodpecker lunges into the air, its wings thrashing, grasping for flight. Leaves shower from the branches, an explosion of color. Tree frog green, sunlight yellow, chestnut brown.

My heart jolts and relief shoots through my veins. It was only a bird.

I snort again, stamp my feet. My hooves click on the wet rocks. Resting my ears flat against my head, I stretch my neck to the water and drink. The liquid is cool on my tongue. With every mouthful I swallow, my thirst ebbs. All I know is peace and calm and satiation.

Until a heavy weight pommels me, knocks my legs out from under me.

Teeth tear my flesh, rip at my throat. I scramble to regain my footing but plummet to the ground. My hooves kick uselessly at the air.

Weight presses down on me. I cannot move. My breath whuffs, wet and sticky, where my throat used to be. I stare at the trees. Blood leaks out of me, soaks into the earth. The sky, blue and endless, winks through the leaves.

Then, a face dominates my vision. Cruel eyes mocking. Wide mouth grinning, smeared red with blood. I scream, but no sound comes out.

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