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My favourite things #2: The “Marley and Me” Stone House

My second favourite movie house of all time is the stone house from “Marley and Me”. There’s just something alluring about that house covered in snow – a real home ready to be filled with love 🙂

Here are some pictures from the movie:

Turning into the driveway…

Coming home…

Looking out across the yard…

Welcome home!

At the base of the stairs…

the loungeroom

The lounge room.

in the kitchen

The kitchen.

window seat

A window seat in the bedroom…

snowy day

The view on a snowy day…

snow angels

Making snow angels in the garden…

And here are some shots of the real life house:


dining rustic_kitchen  fireplace


main bedroom bathroom bedroom sitting room

side of the house

downstairs loungeporch

I can just imagine myself baking cookies in that kitchen with my boys, or sitting on the enclosed verandah reading a book…

The house was for sale recently:

I also found the property on Google Maps – and some gorgeous shots of it from the street:

aerial view

A bird’s eye view…

street view 4

Driving up Historic Route 100…

street view 5

Look! There’s Meetinghouse Road 🙂

street view 1

And there she is…

street view 3

The view when driving to the house along Meetinghouse Road…

After scouring the net (as I do) I found this really gorgeous stone house for sale in Ontario Canada:


Ah… a girl can only dream 🙂

Some links of interest:

And if you know of any other gorgeous stone houses, please be sure to share below…


Houses, My Favourite Things

My favourite things #1: The “Baby Boom” House

The “Baby Boom” house is my favourite movie house of all time.

It seems the concept of a successful city business woman leaving the rat race behind to live in the country has always appealed to me – even back in the late 1980s when this gem of a movie was released (I think I was about 10 years old when I first saw it).

The snow, the trees, the fresh air… absolute heaven 🙂

And what a house!


Driving to the house…


Welcome to the “Baby Boom” house!


The bedroom…


The “Baby Boom” house at night…


Making apple sauce by the fire…


The kitchen/dining table.


All on a winter’s day…

snowy car

Baby, it’s cold outside…

entrance hall

And it’s cold inside too!


A view of the house from out back…

kitchen cupboards

Just look at those gorgeous blue cupboards…

window seat

A seat by the living room window…


Absolute bliss!

After scouring Google Maps (I adore Google Maps – especially the Street View feature), I discovered the “Baby Boom” house is actually marked as a tourist attraction. Just outside the township of Peru, Vermont (Main Street actually featured in the movie – the most notable landmarks being the Peru Congregational Church and the JJ Hapgood General Store), it’s nestled among trees at the end of a long dirt driveway.


An aerial view…


The driveway from Google Street View…

And here it is on Google Maps:

Through my meanderings across the net, I discovered this type of house is called a Cape (or Cape Cod) house:

Definitely a style of house I could go for in the future.

Some great links: