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My favourite things #1: The “Baby Boom” House

The “Baby Boom” house is my favourite movie house of all time.

It seems the concept of a successful city business woman leaving the rat race behind to live in the country has always appealed to me – even back in the late 1980s when this gem of a movie was released (I think I was about 10 years old when I first saw it).

The snow, the trees, the fresh air… absolute heaven 🙂

And what a house!


Driving to the house…


Welcome to the “Baby Boom” house!


The bedroom…


The “Baby Boom” house at night…


Making apple sauce by the fire…


The kitchen/dining table.


All on a winter’s day…

snowy car

Baby, it’s cold outside…

entrance hall

And it’s cold inside too!


A view of the house from out back…

kitchen cupboards

Just look at those gorgeous blue cupboards…

window seat

A seat by the living room window…


Absolute bliss!

After scouring Google Maps (I adore Google Maps – especially the Street View feature), I discovered the “Baby Boom” house is actually marked as a tourist attraction. Just outside the township of Peru, Vermont (Main Street actually featured in the movie – the most notable landmarks being the Peru Congregational Church and the JJ Hapgood General Store), it’s nestled among trees at the end of a long dirt driveway.


An aerial view…


The driveway from Google Street View…

And here it is on Google Maps:

Through my meanderings across the net, I discovered this type of house is called a Cape (or Cape Cod) house:

Definitely a style of house I could go for in the future.

Some great links:



4 thoughts on “My favourite things #1: The “Baby Boom” House

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    • I’m not sure, Terry. One day I hope to have the opportunity to travel to Vermont and see if it is possible to view the house. If I do, I will definitely update 🙂

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