Twitter Pitch Experiment…

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Over the next two weeks, three exciting pitch events are happening on Twitter – #PitMad, #PitchMAS and #SFFpit.

In a Twitter pitch event, writers summarise their completed manuscripts into 140 character pitches and then fire them out on Twitter every half-hour or so. Throughout the day, agents and publishers browse the pitch event hash tags, and if a particular pitch intrigues them, they favourite it, inviting the writer to query.

This year will be my first time participating so I’m going to approach them as a learning experiment.

I have compiled 14 different pitches for The Mark of the Cagairáin. Now I understand writers commonly prepare one or two pitches and rotate them throughout the day. My problem is that I have so many and I’m not sure which pitches are good and which ones are bad (and which ones our downright horrific) – some have stakes in them, others are plain old hooks. So I thought, hey, why not put them all out there and see if I get success with any of them?

They do say the best way to learn is to do and fail (and fail and fail and fail)… don’t they????

Thank you, Cordy...

Thank you, Cordy…

So, without further ado, please put your hands together for my 14 Twitter pitch candidates, going live this December 4 on #PitMad:

2200 sunsets since he was stolen from her, 6000 miles wedged between them, and all it took to bring him back was a whisper. #PitMad #YA

To save her clan, Boudica must choose: turn her back on the lad who betrayed her, or accept his offer to help harness her powers #PitMad #YA

Boudica doesn’t know she’s a whisperer until the undead come a-courting, coveting her heart & the power pulsing through her veins#PitMad #YA

Cute boys in kilts. Witches harbouring secrets. Monsters masquerading as friends. Life’s complicated when you’re the Whisperer. #PitMad #YA

A gripping love story about a girl who can tame the undead with her words & the boy who chose to became undead to keep her safe. #PitMad #YA

17yo Boudica must join forces with the boy who betrayed her heart to defeat a power-hungry baobhan sith bent on possessing her. #PitMad #YA

When the monsters who massacred her people find her, Boudica must embrace her ancient powers or risk losing everyone she loves. #PitMad #YA

To save her clan, Boudica must harness the power buried within herself. If only she knew if she could trust the lad she loves. #PitMad #YA

Some people can tame horses, others can sweet-talk hounds, but 17yo Boudica can bring vampires to their knees…with a whisper #PitMad #YA

A sentimental Scottish lassie & a cute vampire in a kilt must join forces to defeat the monster who massacred her family. #PitMad #YA

She thought he came back because he loved her, but then she discovered his secret, and the truth behind her parents’ massacre. #PitMad #YA

In a world where hellhounds roam & witches harbour secrets, the survival of an entire clan rests with a simple smithy’s daughter #PitMad #YA

Something old & evil is stalking Boudica, & picking off her loved ones one by one, all because she’s the last vampire whisperer. #PitMad #YA

When 17yo Boudica is savaged by a hellhound, she’s forced to question her childhood sweetheart’s motives and her own identity. #PitMad #YA

Of course, if anyone is willing to offer feedback re: which they think are the best and which are the most-cringeworthy, please share 🙂 As I said, this is all a learning exercise for me and I ain’t too proud to take criticism (just please be gentle)…

Otherwise, be sure to check back here later in the week when I post the results of my experiment.

Fingers crossed one of my darlings receives at least one request 😀