A tip for the day, or maybe a whole book full…

I was going through some of my writing resources today and I stumbled across an old writing guide I downloaded from the Internet a few years ago – Richard Harland’s Writing Tips. It was back when I was just starting out and looking for anything and everything I could find on the topic of writing.

At the time, it was my favourite how-to guide. I pretty much carried it with me everywhere – I even remember reading it while I walked to work (yes, I know, walking and reading is pretty daredevil for a blonde like me).

Well, guess what? I checked online, and it’s still available! And, even better, it’s still free!

You can download it (or read it online) here. I’ve also added the link to my new Resources page. Richard has since updated the guide and now offers three versions: US, UK and Australia.

Richard Harland’s Writing Tips is well-written and easy to follow, and covers a wide range of topics from action and dialogue, to POV, pacing and style. It even broaches the ancillary (but equally important) subjects of writing habits and getting published.

I definitely recommend the guide for anyone who is just starting out, or simply interested in writing in general.

You can follow Richard on Facebook, or check out his blog on WordPress. He also has his own site at RichardHarland.net